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Group Benefits & Personal Finance Advice for Clients in Fort St. John & Surrounding Areas

No one needs Sexsmith Financial Corp., but many people across the north have taken advantage of them, because they WANT TO – that’s the key. Specializing in personal finance and group benefits, Ross helps his clients rearrange their financial affairs to maximize their business and family security. Whether you have employees or you are one, Ross uses some of Canada’s top financial security products to make sure you have the peace of mind you deserve and the security you want. 

You are the centre of the Sexsmith Financial service. Your needs, interests, wants, and your budget always come first. Our goal is always to give you the information you need to make the decisions you have to make to get the financial results you want for yourself. 

When you succeed, we succeed.

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Our products include personal attention and application of all your:

  • Company Employee Benefit Plans and planning – disability income, life insurance, drugs, health, dental, vision care, etc. 
  • Life insurance products including mortgage insurance, term insurance, critical illness insurance, income replacement insurance, long-term care insurance, insurance for children, permanent insurance, and universal life
  • Estate planning to maximize your family legacy
  • Low-risk savings and investment products for RRSP, TFSA, and pensions
  • Financial planning advice and answers

Life Insurance:

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a product and a tool that millions of people choose to purchase each year to help offset risks associated with everyday life. Life insurance is also a tool to help put a person at ease, knowing their loved ones won’t have to struggle financially in the event of his/her untimely death.

Why would someone want life insurance?

There are innumerable reasons why people choose to buy life insurance coverage however, one of the most valuable reasons is the peace of mind it provides to clients, ensuring that their loved ones are financially secure in the event of the policy holders’ death.

Life insurance also provides a great place to begin a thorough and comprehensive estate plan to ensure that all of one's affairs are in order, and all their needs and worries have been abated.

What types of life insurance are available?

Term: This product offers economical pricing covering a certain period known as a term; this term can be 10, 20 or even 30 years depending on your needs. Unlike institutions that offer term life coverage, such as banks, the coverage we offer provides approval at the time of application and not at the time of death, ensuring, in the event of death, that your family won’t have to worry about being declined for the benefit. This type of product is most suitable for those who require temporary coverage, needed to cover certain debts should a death occur; these debts can include things such as your mortgage, car loans, and any other temporary commitments a client may have. Term insurance can also provide a fund to help dependents continue to maintain the same standard of living should the primary breadwinner die during the term. 

Whole Life: This product is a form of permanent insurance, offering coverage over the course of one’s life to aid in more permanent needs such as funeral costs, taxes, and any other needs such as these. The premium for this product stays level over the entire duration of the contract and builds a cash surrender value over time as well. Should a person choose to surrender his/her policy, he/she would be entitled to this cash value.

Term-100: This is a product which also provides coverage for the entire life of the life insured however, it matures at age 100, meaning premiums are no longer required to be paid, with the benefit paying out upon attaining age 100 generally. These policies typically hold no cash value. The benefit of this is that premiums are generally lower than a comparable whole life policy. This product is valuable to those who have no desire to surrender the policy at a later date, as well as a person who requires a fixed amount of coverage to take care of certain costs that are unlikely to change.

Critical Illness:

What is critical illness?

Critical Illness is a product that covers an individual in the event of a critical health problem, such as life-threatening cancer, stroke, or a heart attack. After these events, a person may return to work in some capacity, however, these health disasters can seriously alter a person, and his/her family’s way of life, incurring huge medical bills that seem endless. What critical illness protects against is the financial impact these health events can incur.

How does Critical Illness work?

Critical Illness is triggered when a health event occurs on the life insured, paying out a lump sum benefit, concluding the contract. Each contract is different but the covered conditions will be stated and described in the insurance contract; usually included are life-threatening forms of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, but there are many other health events that can be covered to ensure that the client has exactly what he/she needs to have peace of mind that they are covered in the event of a serious condition arising.

Why should you have Critical Illness coverage?

The answer is simple; peace of mind! We all want to think we will be healthy our whole lives, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes we can get seriously ill; what Critical Illness coverage does is providing our clients the peace of mind that should anything happen, they will have funds to help support them and their family through a tough time.

What do we provide to you?

Sexsmith Financial helps provide to you a friendly reliable source that you can trust for honest, ethical advice and planning to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of well. Ross is your go-to guy in Fort St. John and the Peace Region if you want to take the next step on your way to financial security.

Health Benefits:


  • At Sexsmith Financial, we believe in the value of a hands-on approach that puts our clients and their needs first. 
  • Through regular market surveys on behalf of our clients, we provide competitive pricing and optimum value as standard.
  • Sexsmith Financial works with GroupQuest, a national managing agency providing additional expertise and resources, allowing us to maintain our personal touch with you, our valued client. 
  • We do not accept renewal rates without first negotiating on your behalf to secure maximum savings for your business. 
  • We know that good communication is key to any successful relationship, this is why we provide annual policy reviews and easy-to-understand illustrations, so you stay up to date on all the need-to-know details of your plan. 
  • Our no-nonsense approach to business ensures clear communication with our clients, putting an emphasis on building business relationships founded on trust and accountability.


Health Benefits is a product that, in the event of illness or injury, helps to either offset or pay the entirety of medical bills that arise from said illness or injury. It is an extremely valuable tool for people to obtain finances due to their ability to help the insured avoid paying large medical bills such as those for dental care and ocular care which are known to have large financial impacts on many households. Health Benefits offers our clients the ability to take care of themselves without the need to worry about their finances at present or in the future.

Group Health Benefits

Group Health Benefits is a product we offer to businesses of all sizes; what they are is a group plan, covering the employees of a business. This product provides immense value as it aids in employee loyalty, retention and in the health and well-being of the employees within a company.

What exactly do these benefits provide?

While the plans we offer do provide customization to suit the needs and concerns of our clients, generally these plans consist of the following types of coverage:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Enhanced medical and hospital care
  • Dental care
  • Vision care
  • Life insurance and disability benefits


RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan)

An RRSP or “Registered Retirement Savings Plan” is an account we offer that allows for our clients to save for their retirement. This is a flexible and easy way to build a savings portfolio without worrying about complicated investments and trading; we provide you with easy-to-understand options that cater to all risk tolerances that different people may have. RRSPs also allow for a tax-deferred investment vehicle that allows you to ensure your financial stability at present and in the future

Individual RRSPs:

The easiest and most straightforward of your options, an individual RRSP is exactly that, individual, allowing for a person to fund their retirement to ensure they can live comfortably off what they have saved with us into their old age.

Group RRSPs:

Unlike the individual account, this option allows for a group of people, usually a business’ employees, to put money away into an investment and savings vehicle that will ensure that their future financial stability is guaranteed. Although it is a group, each employee under the plan has his/her own RRSP account in which they can choose and decide which options they would like to invest in. Additionally each plan is highly customizable depending on the company’s needs and wants, allowing for flexibility and ease of use, to ensure it is an easy and valuable opportunity for both the employer and the employees.

Why get an RRSP with Sexsmith Financial?

We pride ourselves in being a knowledgeable and professional business that ensures our clients are taken care of well, and have a person to call and meet face-to-face should any concerns or questions arise. Upon each new RRSP, we also go over a comprehensive risk analysis so that we can know how best we can serve you and where to invest your funds to meet your goals. We are here for our clients and wish to help and see them succeed in their financial goals. We specialize in low-risk investments to make sure that your money stays in your pocket, helping to save and grow your funds over a number of years all the while providing you with top-notch recommendations and advice to ensure you are confident that you and your family will be financially secure for years to come.

TFSA (Tax-free Savings Account):

A TFSA or a Tax-free Savings Account is a type of account which provides our clients an account in which they can grow their wealth in a tax-free method. Any and all capital gains incurred in a TFSA are tax-free, and also, any withdrawals a person makes are tax-free as well. This is an invaluable tool to aid in wealth accumulation for all types of people, allowing for a place in which a person doesn’t have to worry about large tax bills needing to be paid on your investments.

Why get a TFSA with Sexsmith Financial?

Just like with our RRSP accounts, we provide a comprehensive risk analysis with each account opened, providing ourselves with the information we need to meet the clients’ goals and expectations. Along with this we provide a tangible place for our clients to come and speak with us about any concerns and questions a client may have which we are always happy to resolve. Sexsmith Financial focuses on wealth accumulation and retention; as such we avoid high-risk investments and provide our clients with investments that best suit their needs, and we also would never recommend something that we would not do ourselves, because when our clients succeed, we succeed.

What kind of investments do we offer?

We offer a wide array of approximately 50 different investment options for our clients; these options are all segregated funds. They are tailored to meet all types of risk tolerances and are each professionally managed and operated. On top of this, every single one of these funds will offer, at the very least, a 75% guarantee at maturity or death on the principal investment to ensure that no matter what the market situation is, your risks are limited and your finances are secure.

If you have financial security questions and want independent financial advice from someone who cares about you first, call Ross. He’s the insurance man in Fort St. John.

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